David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

Thank you for Roberta Amantia, Robert Tucker, Kelly Taggart, Bill Birka, Cindy Huff, Peggy Shoulders for your questions on my position on abortion.

Let me do my best to answer this serious and complex issue.

When I was in college I was a Resident Assistant at Santa Clara University where I was a guide to other students who lived on my floor. One day a young female student came to me for help with a problem. I was shocked when I learned that she and her boyfriend she was no longer dating had had a contraception failure, and she was pregnant. She did not know whether to have an abortion, or what she should tell her parents. It was one of the most stressful conversations I ever have had. Clearly my words of advice could have an impact on whether this child was born our not. I listened more than talked, and after an hour she cried tears of joy and thanked me for helping her with her decision. She said she was going to go upstairs right away and tell her parents she was pregnant and that she was keeping the baby. Months later she took time out to introduce me to her new baby, and seemed as happy as any mom could be.  

My opponent Gavin Newsom and I both attended Santa Clara University. I do not see anyone going to Gavin for this type of advice. If they had what would his advice have been?

Years later, I had a friend who made the decision to have an abortion. In contrast, she cried tears of regret and was traumatized by the heavy decision she had made.  She is now at an age where it is difficult to have kids and she often thinks back about the child that would have been.

I do appreciate the religious and societal implications of these issues and welcome input if there comes a time when the Lieutenant Governor can be a role model to the people of California.