David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

David Fennell is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who comes from an extended family of inventors and early technology pioneers in Silicon Valley. With his parents working for legendary California research centers and companies such as XEROX PARC, Mare Island Nuclear Power School, Applied Materials, Phillips Semiconductor, Lam Research Corporation, Qualcomm, Dreamworks, and The Aerospace Corporation, technology and new discoveries were regular dinner table conversations in the Fennell household. 

David grew up in the farming and fishing community of Half Moon Bay California, in San Mateo County where his parents commuted one hour each way to Silicon Valley. This allowed David to be raised in a farming and beach community on the San Mateo Coast-side, where he became an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman.

David spent his summers with his father at XEROX PARC where he used the computer mouse, computer screen icons and the Internet long before Steve Jobs launched Macintosh in 1984, and 16 years before Bill Gates announced Windows 98. Seeing the extremely talented and hard working XEROX PARC team invent all the basics of modern computing while also watching Steve Jobs with his marketing knowledge make millions from their inventions, David decided to switch his college major from science and engineering to Science in Commerce with a degree in Marketing.  

After graduating from Santa Clara University in 1991, David took a job at a Silicon Valley Aerospace company in Sunnyvale that produced components for the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter. As a technology hobbyist, David also took a night and weekend job in Redwood City for one of the only technology retailers in the US that was chosen by Steve Jobs to sell NeXT Computers.  

In 1993 David moved to Asia where he studied Chinese at the Beijing Language Institute in Beijing, China, and continued traveling and working in more than 30 countries. David received his Masters Degree in Asian Studies from the University of San Francisco, Center for the Pacific Rim. 

David has been the founder of several technology companies, where during the formation of these companies, he dealt with the bureaucracies of Sacramento and discovered first hand, how difficult doing business in California can be.

David also began to uncover fraudulent operations of Wall Street criminals operating 15 miles north of Silicon Valley in San Francisco. With great dismay, he watched ex Wall Street business people change the technology focused Silicon Valley he loved, into a center of corruption and greed. 

In 2008, David began reporting fraudulent activity to the FBI, FDIC, DOE and has been actively working to shine a light on over $3 Billion dollars in confirmed criminal fraud in San Mateo County.  This investigation has included more than 50 meetings and presentations with law enforcement officials related to corporate lawyers and their role in orchestrating DotCom Green Energy fraud. These corrupt deals have also included local developers and their role in the United Commercial Bank TARP Fraud, (Costing the FDIC $2.5 Billion) and the laundering of American Sterling Bank funds through the California Republican Party (Costing tax payers $42 Million).

Despite naysayers suggesting that the corruption is too big to fix, David made the decision in March 2014 to throw his hat into the race for Lieutenant Governor to help crack down on fraud once and for all in the State of California.

If elected David Fennell will be a voice for change, and a voice for all Californians. David will help put California back on the map as the best state in the country to live, work and do business in.