David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

I support President Trump’s efforts to build a border wall and secure the border.

I oppose California Sanctuary State & Sanctuary Cities.

During my campaign for Lieutenant Governor, I have made three extended trips to remote parts of our California-Mexican Border including visits to the Pacific Ocean border in Imperial Beach, central border in Calexico and our far eastern most border, Andrade, as well as extensive travel up and down border roads.

I have witnessed, first hand, individuals from Mexico crossing into the USA via holes in our border fence.

My experience with border agents has been extremely positive and I have not met a more dedicated, friendly and polite group of men and women dedicated to their jobs. California should not be making their complex job more difficult.

As a businessman with operations in Oakland, I was shocked while attending the California Republican Party Assembly Convention in Orange County to receive a Tweet from my Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf warning of an impending ICE raid. I spoke about the Tweet during my speech to the Convention two days later.

The focus of the California ICE raids was criminal aliens who had committed violent crimes.

The bottom line is that local police should be allowed to help federal authorities in cases involving undocumented immigrants suspected of committing violent crimes. 

Even in the liberal Bay Area surveys show that 61% of citizens say the police should be allowed to work with ICE to arrest criminal aliens.

Local San Francisco politicians who live in elite, safely guarded neighborhoods should not create policies that make neighborhoods already struggling with crime even more dangerous. 

It should be noted that my business operations are not located on elite hilltops or in a safely gated communities, but in high crime areas where I have been working with the community to continuously improve its safety. 

I was elected Chair of my Oakland Police Crime Prevention Council and my experience in the San Francisco East Bay with the Oakland & Richmond Police Departments have been extremely positive. 

Our culture welcomes legal immigrants to become US Citizens. But, having done business all over the world, I can tell you first hand there are more people who want to come to the US than we can possible absorb.