David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

Thank you Robert Friedman, and Deanna Kolsrud Dennison and Ms. Vega for your questions about education and “Common Core”

I strongly oppose the California adoption of Common Core in public schools.

For those of you who have not heard of Common Core, let me explain a little about how it came to be and what it now is.  

A group of East Coast academics came up with a concept that on the surface, sounded like a nice idea related to having standards for school children across the United States. This along with many well intentioned ideas, when more closely examined is not a practical way forward.

Instead of raising the academic standards for all of our American children, ivory tower, inexperienced post-adolescents created what I can only describe as “hippy math.”

The formal name of this teaching method is the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

For hundreds of years, scientists have been doing just fine inventing and creating new technology based on science and math principles which are not debatable. They are the foundations of the universe. 2+2=4.

But now we have a group of academics from tiny East Coast States, whose era of innovation ended with the death of Edison in 1931, telling the Western USA, which has invented the microchip and personal computer, how to do math.

In real science and math 2+2 = 4.   

It always equals 4. 

However under “Common Core,” parents are being told to teach their kids four different ways to add, and given written explanations of how they solved the problem. This is more of a lesson in confusion than in learning 2+2=4. I believe in teaching our kids real math, plain and simple.

California is not New Jersey, a state where you apparently can shut down the transportation system by closing one bridge. California is training a generation that is going to lead the digital economy for the next century.  Go to a microchip manufacturing plant in Silicon Valley and ask them what they think of this hippie math.  

They will tell these East Coasters where to stick their Common Core.