David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor


Today few if any of our elected representatives truly represent and fight for average Californians.

When is the last time an elected California official visited your hometown?

Most of our supposed leaders come from one super-rich neighborhood in San Francisco. They represent their super-rich neighborhoods and their super-rich friends, not you the average hard-working Californian.

California deserves better. 

Should we be surprised when Wall Street style, government money is being poured into fake Dot Com and Green Energy companies for the super-rich to keep? In a new "Wall Street of the West" version of San Francisco, we have an anything goes scenario when it comes to corruption.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

I grew up in Northern California. My family lives in both Northern and Southern California. My experiences span our great state, and I will represent all of California.

As an Eagle Scout and an outdoor adventurer, I have spent over 300 days camping across California, from the Redwoods of Humboldt County to the Joshua Trees in San Bernardino county. Almost every weekend, for most of my life I have explored the amazing sights and events in California. I have been the beaches of Santa Barbara, the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles and have even once been to the Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

As a Californian who loves our great state, and as your Lieutenant Governor I will represent you in all 58 counties in California.

Today, few if any of our elected representatives truly represent and fight for average Californians.

If I am elected Lieutenant Governor I will fight not just for San Francisco, but for Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Fresno, Redding, Santa Barbara and all of our great cities and small towns as well as our farms and rural communities.

There is nothing I enjoy more than traveling to all corners of California. I will visit your town, go to your festivals, hear your problems, and be your voice for California.