David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

Thank you Bill Birka, Peggy Shoulders for your question on Gay Marriage.

As you know, I jumped into the race for Lieutenant Governor because I was sick of the fraud and crony capitalism.

I think it would surprise most Americans outside of the Bay Area that the issue of Gay marriage, even in San Francisco, is not one of the most important issues to people in the California.

There is a feeling in liberal San Francisco that Gavin Newsom took this issue on as a method to launch himself into the national spotlight, and to give him a platform for his greater political ambitions. If you look at Gavin’s Facebook page he talks about Gay Marriage issues in other states but he says nothing about the needs or problems facing California.

My focus is the political crime and economic problems of California.

So in all honesty it is not a issue that I have spent much time analyzing until I announced my campaign and began receiving questions about this issue.

What I will say is I am the product of two Catholic families. My father is the second of ten kids and my mother is the second of seven. I am the oldest Cousin on both sides of what is now an enormous extended family. Our family reunions have a very Norman Rockwell feel.

My concern about the gay marriage issue is that we suddenly went from the very justified position that gay Americans should not be harassed, to the the CEO of Mozilla in Mountain View California being fired because he donated to a campaign that supports marriage between a man and woman; a position that world cultures and Americans have held for hundreds of years.  At the core of this, many Californians including people in my family hold very deep religious beliefs, and if we remember, the USA was formed on escaping religious persecution.

Americans, particularly Californians have the right to hold different views. 

Personally Gay Marriage does not impact me directly. Younger voters are growing up in a time where gay marriage to them is a given, and where older voters still hold more traditional values.

As Lieutenant Governor I will have no power on decisions of of Gay Marriage. 

But as a Californian I am very concerned that one group does not have the ability to retaliate against another just because they hold different views. That is just not Californian.