David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

Unlike other states, our elected officials do virtually nothing to promote and protect California businesses and help create jobs.

Sacramento politicians often treat the private sector as enemies of the people. In reality the small business person, the innovators and the creative Hollywood directors create the jobs for our 38 million residents.

Other US states use the power of their political offices to fight on behalf of their businesses. 

If you send me to Sacramento I will use my position to defend California businesses and work with state agencies to remove bureaucratic road blocks.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been coming to California to raid our California businesses.  In 2014 Perry announced that Texas now has more exports and more high technology products than California. This is unacceptable.

I will be a champion for business in California and bring trade and investment back to our state.

We have an entire generation growing up with mobile technology and Californians are ready to take advantage of this next generation economy.

Help me bring jobs back to California.