David Fennell for California Lieutenant Governor

Thank you Carla Hall from the Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times for asking this important question.

Our current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom only visits Sacramento once a week and rarely ventures out of his home counties of San Francisco (837,442 residents) and Marin (252,409 residents).

So in a State of 38 Million residents, Gavin has only spent time representing San Francisco and Marin with just over 1 Million people. Just 2.5% of the State.

The needs and political views of these ultra liberal urban areas have little in common with 97.5% of Californians.  Gavin, whose Dad manages Billionaire John Getty’s fortune, who helped Gavin get his own winery at age 24, has nothing in in common with most of California

To give some perspective, Canada has 35 Million residents.

Having Gavin become Governor would be equal to him running Canada when he has only spent time in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The infamous Canadian Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford represents a city of 2,615,060, more than 2.5 times as many people as Gavin.

The reason I believe I will be ready to step into the Governorship if Governor Brown became incapacitated, is my truly state wide perspective on California.

Though the Governor is the head of State, it is the citizens, mayors and community leaders that truly run the State of California.  It will be important to forge bonds with the staff of the Governor, and all of the leaders in Sacramento. Even more important will be spending time engaging with the leaders of the 482 municipalities and rural communities that make up our great state of California.

As Lieutenant Governor I will represent all of California. In the event that I have to step in as Governor, it will be the close bonds with the cities and towns, as well as Sacramento legislatures that will make for a seemless transition. In addition I think many of my pro-business and pro-growth policies as well as anti-fraud politics will only help to improve the California Economy.